Unpopular Opinion: ARMYs


(photo above is not mine btw)

Okay. I know I labeled this as an “unpopular” opinion, and I wonder if people think I’m going to say something negative. On the contrary: I am going to say something positive, so don’t worry! (Unless you don’t agree…then maybe you should worry.)

Let’s start with a little fact about me: I’m a bigger BABY than I am an ARMY. For those of you that don’t know, BABY is BAP’s fanclub. And if you don’t know who that is, please go check them out. I love Jung Daehyun to death and I’m planning on even getting a tattoo that he has. Anyway, I am still an ARMY and I am becoming a more dedicated ARMY as time goes on. I am many other things too: Monbebe (Monsta X), iGOT7 (GOT7), Starlight (VIXX), EXO-L (EXO), and many more (those are just my main six).

Now, let’s add on a story with that little fact about me: I had this very close friend that was also a BABY. She (I think it was a she. Is it bad I don’t really know if it was a she or a he?) loved Daehyun about as much as I did, so of course we got along and fangirled together over him and BAP. Until I noticed something:

She HATED BTS. And I mean HATED. She would rant on and on about how BTS came and stole most of BAPs fans when they were going through their legal issues with TS Entertainment. BABYs flocked over to BTS, became ARMYs, and left BAP behind in the dust.

To a point…I think she was right. HOWEVER, I don’t really know how many BABYs left, but a lot of people I knew personally switched over to BTS. But this is just on my experience.

Obviously, I tried not to discuss BTS with her. At all. I avoided it at all costs and I would type the shortest responses when she would go on a rant about them. We all can have our opinions, right?

The reason I called this an unpopular opinion was because it seems, sadly, that the popular opinion is that ARMYs are “psychotic.” They only care about BTS and about making people care about BTS; they don’t care if they are insensitive or hurt anyone along the way. Screenshots pop up all over my Twitter of conversations some people have had with certain ARMYs and it’s just…disgusting that some people would behave this way.

I know this topic has been coming up more because of BTS’s recent nomination for the Shorty Award, and I guess this is why I am making this post.

The point I am trying to make is that people really shouldn’t judge fans because of what a few select others do. Maybe there are more ARMYs than other fans, which means there are a lot more “psychotic” fans than in any of the other fandoms. I know this also happened in the past with EXO-L’s, and I’m sure it will probably happen again with a group that is only a rookie right now.

I love BABYs. I think they are the best. I asked one next to me at the concert last week if I could swap seats with her so I could see (I’m short, she was tall) and she gladly switched. I remember the story of this amazing BABYs in New York who gave each other hand lotion and mints just before hi-touch.

But I always remember that BABY that hated BTS, and I remember how much hate she had and think: “Yeah, well, maybe all BABYs aren’t so great…” Because, geez, when she would rant, it was hella scary. And God forbid I defended BTS!

My point is: Don’t judge fandoms by the crazies in them. There are quite a few number of crazies in each group, but if you look around, there are some really nice fans that can become your friends!

It also helped me because I made a really close friend lately who is a huge ARMY (is she really an ARMY or just a Yoongi stan, though? XD) and I love her to death. I have a new respect for ARMYs. They can be really, really sweet.

TL;DR: ARMYs aren’t so bad if you give some of them a chance. And BAP is still a great group that deserves to be treated nicely u.u

If you DID read all the way through, I would like to hear your thoughts. Have you had any revelations while you have liked kpop? Did you ever think bad about one group/fandom and then have your mind changed? Comment down below and let me know!


Peace, Love, and Jimin to you all


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