Learning About Kpop and How I Became a Fan


I could start off this post by saying “what is kpop” and give a literal and figurative definition of it, but that sounds way too cheesy. And because you are here, I am assuming you know a bit about what kpop is. Lemme tell you a bit about how I got into kpop:

My calculus teacher let us listen to music when we were working on problems during class. Which, of course, made him really cool. My friend took out her iPod and asked, “Do you want to listen to my music?’ I was close with this friend, but not that close, so I didn’t really know what she listened to,  but I’m nice so I said yes.

I don’t even remember who the groups were, but it was kpop. And it was good. Eventually my other friends asked for a CD (yes, back when people burned CDs) and we passed it around.

The songs were really good. And very catchy. And poor me I thought they were all single artists. How shocked I was when I found out Girls’ Generation was made up of 9 girls!

Another friend and I were in a dance class and thought, hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we learned the dance to Bonamana by Super Junior?

So we did. And she divided us up. By member. And she knew the names of all of them which made me curious: I wanted to learn their names too.

Down the rabbit hole I went.


I was an E. L. F.


I found Heechul.


There was no going back.

Kpop is very daunting (at least I think) if you are new to it. If you are new, let me pass a bit of wisdom (ha) onto you. And if you aren’t, why not just stick around and learn about some songs, some groups, some members, and even contribute?

Peace, love, and Jimin to you all!



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