Unpopular Opinion: Boy Groups vs. Girl Groups


So.I had friends in the past who had very strong opinions, and they always voiced them to me. Let me break down both of these friends theories.

(If this makes anyone heated, I apologize in advance. Know i am here just to voice my opinion on these subjects. I do not agree with these views.)
Friend 1’s Theory: Girl Groups are annoying. All they do is try to act cute, and it isn’t even that cute. Then they try to be sexy and can’t even shake their ass. Plus they’re incredibly weak when they dance!

Friend 2’s Theory: I really don’t like girl groups. It’s kind of personal, but I don’t like how they are promoted. All they have is a cute or sexy concept and they basically sell them for their bodies.

Okay. With those two “theories” out of the way, let me talk about them a bit.

My first friend’s opinion is understandable, a bit. She grew up with American and Indian music, and, by comparison, those girls do know how to shake their hips a bit better.

But! The girls do try (hey, I try and they’re better than me!) and Korean style dancing is a bit more…different. I don’t know how to explain it. I wouldn’t call it weak, though. I would call it percise. Or a little more subtle. Anyone else have a better word?

And if they aren’t cute, I don’t know what cute is…


To my other friend: yes, I agree. It is a shame they are marketed in such a way. But boys? Boys are marketed the exact same way!

Hell. This is the same friend who goes bananas when Jimin from BTS lifts up his shirt during No More Dream. Purely for the marketing to make girls scream.

If you can accept the boys’ sexy and cute concepts then, no, you really shouldn’t have a beef with the girls.

And my points to add on:

Girl group songs are A D D I C T I V E. They are so, so catchy! I am not the biggest fan of Red Velvet’s Rookie, but it is still so wonderful to listen to!

When I’m feeling sad, I honestly listen to girl group songs. There are only a couple of boy group songs that cheer me up, but with girls, they are just so happy and catchy! They perk me right up!

Plus, no one said you need to like the group or the company, but the girls are people too. And it’s just awful when other girls tear each other down. We are all human. These humans just have a contract and concept to follow, so can we really blame them?


Is there anything I didn’t say that makes you love girl groups? Leave it down in the comments below. Don’t forget to leave a like while you are at it!

Girls groups, hwaiting!


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