Unpopular Opinion: ARMYs


(photo above is not mine btw)

Okay. I know I labeled this as an “unpopular” opinion, and I wonder if people think I’m going to say something negative. On the contrary: I am going to say something positive, so don’t worry! (Unless you don’t agree…then maybe you should worry.)

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For the Love of Jimin!


So I’m assuming if you are here, you love Jimin. And so do I! So let’s be friends and fangirl/boy over him, okay?

I am making this blog as an all-in-essential kpop blog. Let’s just say it will have many different categories, such as fanfiction, fanart, and anything else (album reviews, member spotlights, and whatever else comes to mind! maybe even some giveaways in the future!). Go ahead and click that follow button and join me on this journey that is kpop-filled.

So sit back and relax with me, and let’s have some fun, okay?