Can I Have Your Opinions?


I want to do kpop profiles on here or at least an introduction to new groupa/old groups. Does anyone have a group they want to suggest I start with? It can be girl or guy.

I don’t know if I will be the best at this, but I will try!

I also want to post song lyrics (from a translated source).

Does anyone else have any ideas of what to start with or any other idea’s for blog posts YOU would like to see?

Please let me know!

Peace, love, and Jimin


Learning About Kpop and How I Became a Fan


I could start off this post by saying “what is kpop” and give a literal and figurative definition of it, but that sounds way too cheesy. And because you are here, I am assuming you know a bit about what kpop is. Lemme tell you a bit about how I got into kpop:

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